UK Celebration 2011

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In April 2011, more than 6,000 horse lovers traveled to a lively, fun-filled and thought-provoking Parelli Celebration at the LG Arena, Birmingham. Now you too can share in the excitement of this revolutionary event! Delving deep into the life-changing concepts of horse- and human-personality profiling, this educational and entertaining documentary will change the way you look at your horse and yourself - forever.

Stepping into the spotlight, Linda Parelli explains her pioneering work in developing a model for horse personality typing that allows everyone, from novice horse enthusiasts to Olympic riders, to better understand the motivations of their particular horse. Putting the model to work, both Pat and Linda showcase a variety of challenging training issues with horses of divergent Horsenality types. Along the way, they show owners how to master their own Humanality habits for improved success in and out of the saddle.

With guest appearances by top Parelli Instructors Wally Gegenschatz, Silke Vallentin and Michael Wanzenried, you'll be wowed and inspired by all that can be accomplished with your equine partner when you have the tools, knowledge and heart for success.

Sections include:

  • How Horsenality was Developed
  • How to Decode Horsenality Through Observation
  • How Your Humanality Affects Your Horse
  • How to Be Provocative with Extroverts
  • How to Match and Mirror Introverts
  • Training Secrets with Pat
  • Magic's Retirement Performance
  • Savvy Team Spotlights
  • Special Bonus Footage

Runtime: 189 minutes.
Blu-ray format. English-only. No subtitles or closed-captioning.

Also available as standard DVD.