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Parelli UK Savvy Camp 2024

5th - 7th JULY 2024

Be the horseman your horse needs you to be! Strengthen your relationship with your horse at the UK's first ever Savvy Camp. This 3 day camp is taught by some of UK's top Parelli instructors. David Zuend, Alison Zuend & Rachael Shawyer, maybe more! The Parelli Savvy Camp is designed for students at all levels, with or without a horse, who want to ensure they have a solid foundation, who have the desire to take the next steps in their horsemanship journey. Over this highly educational, inspiring and fun long weekend, students will participate in demonstrations, theory sessions and workshops, designed to grow their horsemanship knowledge and skills. And of course there is plenty of time with your horses, both on the ground and in the saddle, to help students increase their savvy. In fact you will get to choose how much learning time you do with your horse or without. One month prior to the camp, we will send all riders a list of the different sessions, going on simultaneously, you will then be able to pre select your choices, so you know which you will be doing when!


Horsemanship Showcase 2023

25th - 26th November 2023
With David, Alison and Rachael Shawyer!

Join us for 2 days of education, inspiration and fun! Brought to you by the best horsemanship educators and holistic practitioners in the UK.
Our annual Horsemanship Event of the Year is designed to bring the horsemanship community together.
2 days. 1 evening. 4 arenas.
We will bring you outstanding Horsemanship education, from the UK’s top trainers, focusing on foundation, problem solving to specialisation and of course – wow – how!
Alongside horse and human health talks, expert led demonstrations, the Horsemanship Showcase Contest, plus of course something fun!