The Precision Box with Linda Parelli

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Applying Psychology to Precision Riding

Riding with finesse, contact, and precision can be very difficult for both horses and riders.

If you have trouble
  • Keeping your hands and legs quiet
  • Maintaining the position
  • Shaping your horse

And your horse

  • Cannot find comfort
  • Gets mad or frustrated by corrections
  • Is tense or has a negative expression...

The Precision Box is your answer!

We're excited to bring you another major breakthrough from Linda Parelli that makes beautiful riding achievable.

You'll see Linda riding her horse, Hot Jazz, to explain how it all works; Two riders learning it for the first time with their horses (RBE and LBI!); and, finally, how The Precision Box applies to jumping! Linda is the master of simulations to build your confidence and skills to take the stress out of Finesse.

Now you will know how to apply psychology and the principles of a true partnership to riding with finesse, contact and precision, from basic to the most advanced levels.

217 minutes.