The Art of Traditional Dressage

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Charles de Kunffy is a world-renowned clinician, FEI judge, presenter and author. His dedication to the world of classical dressage is inspiring, and his passion for the well-being of the horse aligns him with the fundamental principles found in the Parelli program.

His DVD, The Art of Traditional Dressage: Volume 1 Seat and Aids, provides means to achieving excellence in Classical Dressage. Charles presents his lessons in his own inimitable style, combining a wealth of knowledge with a sly sense of humor and a strong desire to do best by the horse.

From lessons on leg position and posture to eloquence and harmony between horse and rider, The Art of Traditional Dressage includes everything you'll need to know to understand traditional dressage all presented by Charles de Kunffy, a true dressage master.

1 Disc., Runtime: 1 hour, 10 minutes