Savvy Series Level 3 Finesse

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Finesse Level 3 is all about preparation, and ensuring that you’ve got a good grasp on the prerequisites for the more advanced maneuvers you’ll develop in Level 4. In Level 3, you will introduce the Snaffle and develop an understanding of bits, bridles, and other necessary Finesse equipment. Riding with precision begins here!

This 2-DVD pack also comes with a removable pocket guide, the perfect tool for implementing patterns and games out at the barn, away from your DVD player!

2 Disc Runtime: 2 Hours 57 Min

Chapters Include:

DISC 1 (Pat Parelli) 

    Introduction to Finesse
    Are You Ready for Finesse?
    Why Use a Snaffle?
    Rein Responsibilities Refined
    Zero Brace
    Connecting to Their Feet
    Trotting Yo-Yos
    Sideways Success
    Understanding Bits & Bridles


    Stirrup Length
    Riding with Finesse
    Preparation for Bridling
    Bits & Bridles: English
    Cherokee Bridle

DISC 2 (Student Lesson with Pat)

    Soft Touch in Varying Gaits
    Diagonals & Circles
    Rein Responsibilities
    Round Turns & Square Turns
    More Legs, Less Reins
    Connecting to the Feet
    The Yo-Yo Game in Transition
    The Sideways Game
    Affecting Speed with Circling
    Combining the Games