Savvy Series Get Ready for Liberty

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In order to be successful as you begin playing at Liberty, it’s essential that you have your prerequisites in place. That’s what this DVD set is all about: preparing you for Liberty. The Seven Games, which you first introduced On Line, will ensure that you’ve got a dialogue with your horse. Once you’ve got a mental, emotional, and physical connection with your horse, it’s time for Liberty!

This 2-DVD pack also comes with a removable pocket guide, the perfect tool for implementing patterns and games out at the barn, away from your DVD player!

2 Disc Runtime: 3 Hours 44 Min

Chapters Include:

DISC 1 (Pat Parelli)

Liberty Preparation
Games 1-5

    The Friendly Game
    The Porcupine Game
    The Driving Game
    The Yo-Yo Game
    The Circling Game


    Conga Horse Liberty Prep
    Catching Game Simulation
    Giving Two Eyes
    Signs of Worry vs. Acceptance
    Maintaining Gait on a Circle


    Liberty Prep
    It’s the Release that Teaches
    Porcupine vs. Driving
    Balancing Drive & Draw
    Reverse Psychology
    Responsibility on the Circle
    Transitions on the Circle

DISC 2 (Student Lesson with Pat)

    Liberty Preparation
    Liberty Preparation with a 22-foot Line