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On Line  using ropes of varying lengths while playing on the ground is the first of the four Parelli Savvys, and it has proven to be the most successful entry point into the Parelli Program for hundreds of thousands of students across the globe. On Line teaches you how to develop a solid, reliable foundation with your horse. By becoming proficient with your tools and developing your understanding of horse behavior and body language on the ground, you will go on to achieve amazing results.

Playing on the ground using a halter and lead lays the groundwork for building trust, respect and communication in everything you do with your horse. On Line solves problems on the ground, such as: spooking, kicking, biting, rearing, horse running on top of you, pulling away, tying issues.
On Line includes eight DVDs (Level-by-Level lessons with Pat Parelli, as well as student lessons). Along with the DVDs, On Line includes a 20+ page Savvy Manual that explains the “what" and the “why" of On Line, and a 20+ page Student Book, which explains the “how."

Together with the pocket guides, Patterns map, and other infographics, these comprehensive books and DVDs feature in-depth explanations of horse behavior and psychology, the habits of a horseman, and what it takes for a horse and human to truly become partners on the ground.

Runtime: 18hr 8min