Savvy Mastery Series - The Projeckt German Edition

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The Swiss 5-star instructor Michael Wanzenried is one of the most renowned Parelli instructors worldwide and is known for his exceptional horsemanship demonstrations. As one of Pat Parelli's most dedicated and talented students, he is one of the most popular Natural Horsemanship coaches and has brought his own abilities - both on ground and in riding - to an exceptionally masterly level.

On this DVD set, Mikey teaches you how to develop your skills from On Line, Liberty and Freestyle beyond Parelli Level 4.

Over the years Mikey has developed his unique interpretation of the Parelli program and calls this innovative approach "The Project". This includes a 3-stage concept, Which is based on horse psychology and influences your training on the ground and during riding so that your horse is always attentive and motivated at any time, regardless of the environment or any distractions.

On these DVDs, you will see Mikey teaching with his own horses in different levels of education.

Filmed at Michaels Hof "The Four Savvies Place" in Les Bois, Switzerland.

On Line Parts 1 & 2
• Introduction (6 min.)
• On Line Part 1
Follow the fence
corners: Steps 1-2-3 (1 hr 1 min.)
• On Line Part 2
Drums: Steps 1-2 -3 (41 min.)

On Line Part 3
• "The Four Savvies Place"

What People Are Saying:

"It is so amazing to watch" Mikey's secrets to success. "My ideas are so simple, yet so powerful Me differently! " -Patricia