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FreeStyle riding – riding with a loose rein - is an essential component of any well-rounded horsemanship education. In fact, here at Parelli, we think it’s so important that we’ve based half of our entire in-saddle program on FreeStyle! As your riding skills improve and your horse gains confidence, you’ll have more fun together than you ever thought possible. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Riding without contact teaches horses self-control, confidence and relaxation under saddle and riders better balance and control. FreeStyle solves riding issues, such as:
Bucking, bolting, spooking, rearing, won’t go, won’t stop, and head-tossing.

FreeStyle includes six DVDs (Level-by-Level lessons with Pat, as well as student lessons). Along with these DVDs, FreeStyle includes a 40-page Savvy Manual that explains the “what” and the “why” of FreeStyle, and a 23-page Student Booklet.

The Student Pack also includes five detailed pocket guides and a Patterns map. From mounting and dismounting all the way up to flying lead changes and bareback riding, it’s all here in FreeStyle.

Run Time: 12hr