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Finesse, or riding with contact, is the fourth Parelli Savvy, and the one that relates most directly to performance. Whether you’re an English or Western rider, developing an understanding of bit contact is essential to becoming a well-rounded, skilled horseman. Even if performance sports aren’t in your future, the skills and techniques you develop by incorporating the bit will advance your riding in leaps and bounds. At the same time you’re developing those skills, your relationship with your horse will grow stronger by the day. After all, the mouth is the most mentally, emotionally and physically sensitive area of the horse’s body, so to get your horse to willingly accept bit contact requires true trust and respect. That’s what you will learn with Finesse: what it takes to achieve excellence as a rider.

Finesse includes five DVDs (Level-by-Level lessons from Pat Parelli, as well as student lessons). Along with the DVDs, Finesse includes a 24-page Savvy Manual that explains the “what” and the “why” of Finesse, and a 19-page Student Booklet, which explains the “how.”

The Student Pack also includes three pocket guides and a Patterns map. With this expansive collection of all things Finesse, you’ll have everything you need to solve precision problems and become the graceful, athletic, savvy rider of your dreams.

Run Time: 8hr 50 min