Nate Bowers Driving - Part 1 - Preparation for Driving

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Preparation for Driving
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Driving can be one of the most engaging, enjoyable, yet challenging activities you and your horse can do together. Nate Bowers of Bowers Natural Driving has teamed up with Pat Parelli to share the history, strategy, and savvy you'll need to become adept and safe during your driving excursions.

This 2-DVD set will take you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up a natural foundation with your driving horse.

Just as Pat has a four-part Colt Starting ladder (1. Accept the human, 2. Accept the saddle, 3. Accept the rider, 4. Accept the bit), Nate has applied a similar process to driving. With these ingredients in place, along with an awareness of what to do when the unexpected occurs, driving will become a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both you and your horse!