Leads and Lead Changes

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The lead change is an integral component of performance, regardless of discipline, but the necessary skills and techniques need to be developed long before you enter the performance arena. With this educational DVD, Pat Parelli guides you through the essential building blocks of reliable, fluid simple and flying lead changes. As part of our Four Savvys Support Series, this DVD offers an in-depth look at an important but often misunderstood skill, from concept to execution and all the way to excellence.

What People Are Saying:

"Hmmm, only watched the introduction and already I am excited to be learning. This topic used to be way over my head!!!!!!!!" -Tammy Stott

"Yippee! I feel like I a got a Christmas present from the Parelli's. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I feel so special. It's wonderful and I love it, just like hanging off the top rail." -Anna Kivela

"This is a really cool video series! It shows the sequence and explains all the prerequisites. Way more than "just" leads and lead changes!" -Barbara Heinen

"Superb, I love this style of content, Pat showing us first and then teaching students, gives us 3 opportunities to learn and understand and too see Pat teaching, Great." -Andie Runkee

"Clear simple information! It's not difficult!! Amazing!" -Amy Jackson

"Excellent explanation Pat! I so struggle with these concepts but I am finally getting it. Now to train my Clydesdale mare!!!" -Kate Cheek

"Between 0430 minutes and 0500 minutes of this video, I had an amazing light bulb moment and I was actually nodding and talking to the DVD. Pat is an amazing teacher. Wonderful for all learners especially visual learners. I now know what I have been doing wrong. Time to fix it!" -Megan Brand

"Wow I've had this explained so many times by others but now I can really see it at last :) & now I better understand the bio mechanics watching the horse & pats great timing & feel it really amplifys what pat says. Did I learn anything hell yes !!!! Brilliant dvd!" -Jayne Bridle

"Every english rider should watch these dvd's. The biggest thing I learnt is it is about the BACK end not the FRONT end! Thankyou for an invaluable lesson. It is more than just about lead changes." -Leah Goodhew

"Love, love, love this! The way Pat coaches Aurelie through the basics with this young horse is awesome! Don't lose forward, don't make the horse feel wrong, great isolation/suppling/strengthening exercises, all about managing the impulsion by managing the rider's energy. And Aurelie's "what I got out of the lesson" was spot on with the most important things Pat said, for her and Sam at this point." -Jennifer Maxwell