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Are you frustrated with your lazy, crazy, naughty, or unpredictable horse?

Most horses have behavior problems because of fear, dominance, or confusion. Once you know where your horse is coming from, you'll have the keys to change unwanted behavior forever.
In this long-awaited DVD set on the revolutionary concept of Horsenality, Linda Parelli takes you on a fantastic horsemanship journey, showing you how to read horses and discover the keys to bringing out the best in them.

There are four main Horsenality types to learn about; from there, you'll determine “cusps" and “spirit level," in order to get a complete picture. Linda shows you each Horsenality at Liberty in the round corral, pointing out the key characteristics and demonstrating how to use the right energy and strategies, according to the unique horse's needs. Finally, you'll see students with each Horsenality being coached by Linda, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Order your Horsenalitiy DVD today, and start solving these frustrating behavioral problems! Never have a bad horse day again!

Plus, check out the electronic Horsenality/Humanality Match Report! Simply fill out a brief questionnaire about your horse and yourself, and within minutes, you'll have your Humanality and your horse's Horsenality accurately charted. You will also receive over 60 pages of in-depth education and advice for your horse and your situation!

“This is amazing! Thank you for the advice; I had no idea I was doing all the wrong things. Now that I know who my horse is, our relationship and my results have improved out of sight.

4 Discs. Runtime: 7 hours, 27 minutes.