Hit The Trail

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Join Pat & Linda as they take you on a trail ride through the stunning Colorado wilderness. You'll learn directly from Pat and Linda all that you need to know before you set out on the trail, then how to put your newfound skills to use on the spot when you need them most. Hit The Trail is full of practical tips for trail riding that will appeal to riders of all levels.

DVD covers trailering, trail etiquette, natural obstacles, essential groundwork, in saddle preparation, water crossings, spooky situations, gear selection and more. Runtime: 4 hours, 30 minutes.
English-only version. No subtitles or closed-captioning.


Hit The Trail Segments include:

-Preparing At Home
-Knot Tying
-Tacking Up
-Pre-flight Checks
-Natural Obstacles
-Water Crossings
-Essential Groundwork
-De-spooking Exercises
-Bend to a Stop
-Follow the Rail
-Passing Horses
-Beep Beep Game
-Q & A with Pat and Linda