Driving Horses

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In 2006, driving legend Steve Bowers collaborated with Marlen Steward to publish a truly exceptional book on driving, originally titled Farming with Horses. Steve tragically passed away in 2007, but his son Nate Bowers is carrying on his father's work, and has already produced a fantastic series of driving DVDs. He also contributed some excellent photographs to the re-release of his father's book, now titled Driving with Horses: How to Harness, Align, and Hitch Your Horse for Work or Play.

This 160-page book collects all of Steve Bowers driving wisdom, with detailed chapters dedicated to every element of successful driving. Each chapter also includes diagrams and photographs that illustrate Steve's words clearly and effectively.

Driving with Horses offers a window into the mind of an exceptionally knowledgeable and generous horseman, and is an essential addition to the library of any dedicated driver.