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When you're ready for contact and precision, the Cradle Bridle is the perfect piece of equipment. And an integral part of the Cradle Bridle is the Cradle Headstall. This brilliantly designed headstall distributes pressure away from the mouth, relaxing your horse and making him far more open to communication. Using the Cradle Headstall is a win-win as your horse will generally feel less defensive, more comfortable, more trusting because they're not being so bothered in the mouth.

NOTE: This item does NOT include the Cradle Bit (C1, C2 or C3) or Finesse Reins or Support String. The entire Cradle Bridle is available.

"Received my bridle and was very impressed first of all with the quality of the headstall. Beautiful soft leather! Didn't have a lot of time the first day (or since) to try it but couldn't wait."

"The braided headstall on my cradle is just stunning. The headstall's Parelli concho makes it very easy to make adjustments to the string, which holds the noseband in the proper place. The headstall design also makes it incredibly easy to switch from one cradle bit to the next depending on the Horsenality you are riding."

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