Colt Starting

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Taming and starting horses is the foundation of horsemanship as a whole. As Pat says, make the first ride as if he's been ridden a thousand times... and ride your horse for the thousandth time as though it was his first. Getting the smallest details right is critical to becoming a horseman.

Taming and starting colts shows you where you fall short quicker than perhaps any other stage you go through with your horse. Now, for the first time, Pat's renowned step-by-step young horse development program is available for at-home study and self-development support for any serious horseman.

Runtime: 9 hours, 10 minutes
English-only version.
No subtitles or closed-captioning.
Also available on BluRay.

Colt Starting Segments include:

The Formula:
• Accept the Human
(as a friend and a leader)
• Accept the Saddle
(placement and wearing it)
• Accept the Rider
(as passenger then guider)
• Accept the Bit
(wearing, communicating)

The Basics:
• Confidence and Respect
• When to Quit
• Haltering
• Yielding
• Horsenality
• Bareback mounting
• Saddling
• Driving
• Saddle Horses
• Stepping On
• Passenger Lessons
• First Rides
• Handling Feet
• Preparing for Tying
• Guiding
• Riding Outside
• Gait Transitions
• Accepting the Bit