Clipping with Pat Parelli

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Clipping is one of those often-overlooked horsemanship skills that requires a lot more savvy than you’d initially think. After all, it’s just a little clipper, right? What’s the problem?

Well, plenty of horses don’t like being clipped, so Pat Parelli put together this DVD to demonstrate a variety of strategies to overcome your horse’s resistance to clipping. In order to properly and safely clip your horse, you need to make sure you’re prepared and your horse is confident. That’s where Clipping with Pat Parelli comes in.

Originally released in 2003, this DVD features Pat illustrating everything you need to know about clipping. To paraphrase Pat, “prior and proper preparation” is key to clipping. That’s why Pat takes you through the entire process – from clipping savvy, through horse preparation, all the way to the bonus chapter, “The Seven Games & Clipping.”

With Pat’s help, clipping will no longer be the occasionally frustrating endeavor it’s been up until now. With Clipping with Pat Parelli, you’ll be clipping with confidence.

Runtime: 3 hours 10 minutes