Carrot Stick

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The Carrot Stick is a fundamental product in the Parelli Program. It acts as an extension of your arm, both in the saddle and on the ground, providing you with a longer reach for closer communication.

It is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals. It is especially valuable on your journey to bridle-less riding.

  • The traditional leather loop end is perfect for attaching your savvy string or a flag.
  • A special molded grip featuring a modern scroll design and the Parelli logo. This Golf Gripa™ handle is a Parelli custom design, and is easy to handle.
  • 4-foot, non-flex fiberglass shaft with a solid core gives flexibility and strength. This flexibility results in a firm pressure, but will not sting when used correctly.
  • 4 feet is the approximate length of the horses leg on the ground which a good safety measurement to stay out of the kick zone.
  • 4 feet is also the approximate length of the horses neck, which makes it a great tool for control and safety when playing OnLine or riding FreeStyle.
  • The extra 4 feet, also, transforms your tall body into a long body so you can effectively communicate with your horse.
  • Savvy string is not included.