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Linda Parelli's Happy Horse Clinic
13th-15th October 2018
Berkshire College of Agriculture, Maidenhead, SL6 6QR 


'You have to love horses, to want to be partners, to empower them, and to engage in a conversation rather than simply giving them instructions to follow. Some people think their techniques are important, but when you put the relationship first, it impacts your feel and timing. Anyone can make a horse do something, but can you get them to want to do it?' Linda Parelli

Linda is bringing her new clinic, 'Happy Horse', to the UK, for 3 days of focused learning on the practical application of horse psychology 'Horsenality'

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Michael Wanzenried, 5* Senior Parelli Professional & Master Horse Development Specialist Advancing  L2/4 Clinic
12th & 13th March 2018
Attington Stud, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 7BY


In Mikey's DVD, he teaches how to take your skills and understanding of On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle to Parelli Level 4 and beyond. This was the theme of last year's clinic, which left riders and spectators in awe. Mikey has developed his unique coaching over many years and coined his innovative approach

“The Projekt,” a three-step process that ensures all your training both on the ground and in the saddle is psychology-based in such a way that your horse turns his attention to you no matter the environment or distractions.

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'Liberty Outside the Round Pen' with David Lichman, 5* Parelli Professional 3rd Private & Shared Lessons, 4th & 5th 2 Day Clinic e
August 3rd -5th 2018
Willow Fields, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

'David Lichman is a World Grand Champion equestrian and master of Natural Horsemanship, who brings this message to his students:
" You can discover the horse of your dreams - inside the one you already own!"
David's recent DVD publication for the Savvy Mastery Series takes Liberty to a whole new level! And now we're bringing him and his program to us!

Wally Gegenschatz 2018!! Level 3-4 Clinic
7th - 9th September 2018
Willow Fields, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3RA

Wally is an extremely talented horseman with a passion for show jumping and teaching horsemanship for sport. Year on year, Wally continues to educate and inspire with his playful attitude, sense of humour and creativity! And the horses quite like him too!!   The themes of past clinics include 'Get in your horse's mind', 'Play with your Horse', 'No more babysitting'! and 'Isolate, Separate and Recombine'.