Theraflex Western Pad Black 32"L X 31"W

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This is your chance to own a top-of-the-line saddle pad! this revolutionary self-inflating, auto-balancing pad is just as comfortable for your horse as it is for you, as it allows his skin to breathe while putting no pressure on his spine or ligaments, allowing his back to move and flex freely. It also improves your riding by providing close contact with your horse. The Theraflex was ranked #1 amongst saddle pads at the 2007 Western Saddle Seminar, and it deserves every accolade it receives. Patent Pending.

If you own a Parelli saddle, please visit for the specific Theraflex Pad.

Theraflex Directions

"This is an awesome saddle pad. I was intrigued by the concept of adjustable "air suspension" in a saddle pad, along with the ability to improve saddle fit with this and the use of available Theraflex shims. It's not all hype. This saddle pad is liberating to a horse's back. I have an Irish Warmblood who had lost a significant amount of muscle on his top line from two years off. Bringing him back into shape was a difficult task. The Theraflex pad with shims allowed me to use a wider tree on him and to fill in the spots where the muscle was lacking. So his spine was completely clear and his shoulders were free. This created a huge difference in the horse immediately. He was willing to stretch down into the bit and use his back rather than fighting to protect himself."

"The quality is excellent! No slip exterior that is breathable for the horse. Hair and dirt rinses off very easily. I actually had a hard time finding where the pad opens up to put the shims in because the seams are so well constructed and the installation of the velcro closures is undetectable."

"The Theraflex pad has allowed me to help the saddle fit my horse better than it ever has in the past. The Theraflex pad and shims have finally helped me to get a uniform sweat pattern under the saddle pad."

"Pat and Linda you are geniuses!!! I am riding better than ever in my new Western Theraflex Pad. I used to ride with a feeling of falling forward (up on my seat bones) and losing my balance. Now that I ride in my Theraflex Pad with shims I can access my Balance point and ride with beautiful Fluidity."