Theraflex English Pad (34"W X 26"L)

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This is your chance to own a top-of-the-line saddle pad! this revolutionary self-inflating, auto-balancing pad is just as comfortable for your horse as it is for you, as it allows his skin to breathe while putting no pressure on his spine or ligaments, allowing his back to move and flex freely. It also improves your riding by providing close contact with your horse. The Theraflex was ranked #1 amongst saddle pads at the 2007 Western Saddle Seminar, and it deserves every accolade it receives. Patent Pending.

If you own a Parelli saddle, please visit for the specific Theraflex Pad.

Theraflex wins best pad!

Recently, at the Western Saddle Seminar in Germany 2007, all the top saddle pads on the market were rigorously tested, including our Theraflex Pad.

Scientific precision is a focus in the German horse industry so testing included monitoring with computerized, pressure-sensitive measuring equipment on a variety of horses and different saddles, just as Pat and Linda had done with inventor, Alan Brownlie, during the development of the Theraflex pad.

The result: Theraflex was rated #1 overall, and was celebrated as the best way to balance a saddle for horse travel and provide comfort without pressure points. Combined with the Parelli Natural Performer (Western) saddle, it blew away every other saddle system.

Theraflex Directions
TheraShim Directions

The TheraflexTM Pads are designed to accommodate TherashimsTM to shim your saddle into a level position and help give your horse greater comfort and freedom under saddle.