Safer Horsemanship

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From back cover:

Caring for and riding a horse can bring countless hours of enjoyment and pleasure. The flighty nature of horses makes them useful to us, because we can channel this flight instinct down the racetrack, over fences, around barrels, after a steer, across streams, or into the collar of a harness. However, this flight instinct may also cause injuries to humans and to the horse itself. Through his more than 30 years in equine veterinary practice, and a lifetime as a horseman, Dr. Miller has learned many techniques for safely handling, treating, training, and riding horses methods that could save horse or owner from serious injury or even death! These safety techniques are taught in Safer Horsemanship. You'll learn how to safely catch, halter and lead a horse, the three points of contact that will prevent you from being stepped upon or kicked, and more!

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