Photonic Human / Horse Package

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This is for the horse person who wants to increase their awareness of the physical issues their horse may have, be able to recognize the signs when a horse is in pain, and be able to provide a 100% safe therapy that is user-friendly.

The package includes human acupressure reference book, quick reference chart for humans, equine acupressure guide, water-resistant barn charts, the photonic light, a nylon belt holster and lanyard, and a really cool tote bag.

Photonic Red Light therapy is a health modality that is used at the Parelli campus on a regular basis. Photonic Health provides you with all the tools needed to address colic, lameness, laminitis, muscle soreness, ulcers, viruses, and more. Ruggedly constructed to withstand the demands of horse owners, the Photonic Health Red Light provides long hours of use on a single battery and features the brightest bulbs that last a lifetime.