Can you imagine having the expertise and savvy to solve your own problems, improve your ground and riding skills, and teach your horse anything you want? The Parelli Program, available at your fingertips, is the secret to success. Some of the most influential horsemen and women of today learned from and endorse the Parelli Program—Walter Zettl, Christoph Hess, Mette Larson, Luis Lucio, Luca Moneta, Tik Maynard, Jonathan Field, Craig Johnson, Doug Jordan, Karen and David O’Connor, Charles De Knuffy, and Frank Stronach to name a few. Be part of a movement that is dedicated to making the world a better place for horses, starting with your own.


Our Commitment to Never-Ending Self-Improvement


Learning Library

Thousands of videos, articles, audio files.


The Parelli App

Better, Together.
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The Parelli Levels Program

The most comprehensive Parelli Levels Program, reimagined and presented topic by topic and lesson by lesson. Every lesson is supported by both video and written directions—the best of Pat and Linda from 35 years.

Savvy Essentials

Your regular multimedia injection of savvy. Member requests drive what topics you will see in the Savvy Club each month.

Learning Library

Thousands of videos, articles, and
more from the genesis of Parelli until now. It is the ultimate resource to improve your horsemanship.


Connect, communicate, and share
inspiration with an international group of like-minded horse lovers.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with as many horses as you like. Each of them has their own pathway. As you go, you will build an automatic record of everything your horse knows.

Earn Badges

There’s nothing like a little recognition to acknowledge your achievements and keep you motivated on your journey.

Submit Auditions

Auditions are a great way to progress through the Parelli Program and be awarded for your accomplishments. They are like mile markers, showing your progress through the Levels, and are a fun way to demonstrate your overall savvy, skills, and relationship with your horse.


Create, sign up for, and RSVP to events happening in the Parelli Community all in one place.

Our Commitment to Never-Ending Self-Improvement

Remaining innovative and progressive over the last 35 years makes the Parelli Program thoroughlyunique. We’ve completely reimagined what it means to be a Savvy Club member and a student of our program. The Parelli Levels Program in your membership is a comprehensive learning experience, drawing on the best education we’ve produced from 1982 until today. Develop the partnership with your horse that you’ve always dreamed of—topic by topic and lesson by lesson with our vast library to support your needs along the way.

A Pathway for Every Horse in Your Life

Many of you own more than one horse, and it’s likely that they may be in different stages of development. Define goals and challenges for each of your horses as you set up their profile. Every horse is unique and has his own innate characteristics, learned behaviors, environmental influences, and levels of spirit or try. Track each one’s individual progress through the program at their own pace—whether you have young colts, seasoned performers, a playmate, or one of each.

Parelli Zoomed In

Natural horsemanship is an attitude, it’s a philosophy, and it’s a way of life with horses. This is the big picture. In order to embody this picture, it’s all about learning the details, which is what the lessons in the Parelli Levels Program are all about. Now, each lesson has both video and written instructions to give you all the information you need to be successful with your horse. You will also find a list of the tools required for the task, helpful tips, troubleshooting, common pitfalls, and objectives so that you know when to move onto the next lesson.

Learning Library

Thousands of videos, articles, audio files, & more to improve your horsemanship.

Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem you’re experiencing or you need inspiration or you simply want to do some extra research, you’ll find thousands of videos and articles right here. There are over 35 years of teaching from Pat and Linda, including all the DVDs that Parelli has ever produced to teach you about using behavioral psychology with your horse!

Better, Together.
The Parelli App + Savvy Club

Step 1: Create inspirational and educational playlists in the Savvy Club.
Step 2: Download videos from your playlist in the Parelli App.
Step 3: Watch anywhere, anytime.

It’s Like Having Pat and Linda Right There With You

Savvy Times & Member Minutes

Education, stories, inspiration, fun, connection, quizzes, lifestyle tips like recipes from Linda, regular columns from Pat and Linda, and monthly announcement of new levels graduates! Delivered right to your email account and accessible any time on the Parelli Savvy Club. It’s always great to get a tip, some thoughts, perspectives or a sliver of inspiration before the weekend. Your Member Minute from Pat and Linda only takes a minute, and you’ll want to start planning your horse time! All of these things are also available in the Parelli Savvy Club, so you can refer them whenever it’s convenient.

Earn Badges

Badges benchmark your progress throughout the Levels Program. Earn a badge for each topic you complete on the pathway. With the badges, now you can showcase your hard work and all that you have accomplished with your horse to everyone.

Submit Auditions

Oftentimes, students get stuck because they do not have a way to measure their progress and can then become uninspired and unmotivated. The audition program keeps you engaged by giving you tasks and challenges to achieve with your horse and then celebrates your achievements as you reach each Level. Once you pass all the Savvys within a Level, Parelli awards you with a special colored Savvy String similar to the belt system in martial arts.

If you are passionate about teaching others and have passed Level 4, you may embark on the Professionals pathway to become a licensed instructor. To learn more, visit

To join The Savvy Club go to
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